Think You’ve Heard It All? 22 Flat Earth Beliefs That Will Astonish You

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Flat Earthers are a passionate bunch, dedicating a considerable amount of resources to support their unconventional views.

Interestingly, a significant number of Flat Earthers intertwine their scientific convictions with deep religious beliefs, which might shed light on some of their more peculiar theories.

I’m not here to make fun of the Flat Earth folks, but instead to explore some of their theories and the reasons behind their beliefs,

The Earth Is A Stationary Disk

An interpretation of how Flat Earthers believe the world looks
Image Credit: Katy Willis.

People who believe in the Flat Earth theory think that our world is flat like a pancake and surrounded by a big wall of ice. They believe that when we see the sun set, it’s not really going down but just moving away from us until we can’t see it anymore. They also think that ships don’t really disappear over the horizon; they’re just too far away to see.

Some of these people don’t believe in gravity as we know it. They think the flat Earth is shooting upwards really fast, which makes things fall down.

Antarctica Is A Huge Ice Wall

giant wall of ice
Image Credit: Shutterstock.

To Flat Earthers, Antarctica isn’t a continent but a giant ice wall surrounding the Earth’s perimeter. This “ice wall” is believed to prevent everything on the disk from spilling over the edge.

Prominent Flat Earth proponent Mark Sargent simplistically calls this boundary “just Antarctica,” avoiding the term “ice wall” though he acknowledges the complexity of what lies beyond this icy border. According to some believers, mysterious lands await beyond the wall, although such areas are off-limits under international agreements like the Antarctic Treaty.

The Sun Is A Celestial Spotlight

flat earth with dome and sun
Image Credit: Shutterstock.

Contrary to the view of the Sun as a vast furnace of nuclear fusion, Flat Earthers argue it is a small, spotlight-like entity that orbits the flat Earth. Early Flat Earth literature suggests the Sun might be about 32 miles in diameter and positioned 3,000 miles above the surface of the Earth.

This group also denies the Moon’s reflective properties, instead claiming it emits its own unique light, described in some Flat Earth circles as having peculiar qualities such as being cooling and even septic.

The Bible Says It’s So

the bible
Image Credit: Shutterstock.

Many Flat Earthers use the Bible to validate their claims, pointing to verses they believe describe the Earth as flat and stationary. They argue that phrases like “the circle of the Earth” do not imply a sphere but a flat circle, much like a coin.

However, skeptics like philosopher Dr. William Lane Craig criticize such interpretations, suggesting that these individuals lack a proper understanding of biblical literature and may even misrepresent these texts to further their own agendas. And, by the same theory, someone could argue that the world is square by citing biblical references to “the four corners of the Earth”.

NASA and the Spherical Earth Conspiracy

Nasa logo
Image Credit: Shutterstock.

A common belief among Flat Earthers is that NASA, along with other governmental bodies, perpetuates a spherical Earth conspiracy. They claim that NASA’s very foundation was based on deceit, using sophisticated visual effects to mislead the public about the Earth’s shape.

These skeptics argue that exposing the “truth” would jeopardize NASA’s funding and its continued ventures into space, framing the agency’s motivation as purely financial.

The Moon Landing Was A Hoax

moon landing
Image Credit: Shutterstock.

Flat Earthers are skeptical of the Apollo 11 Moon landing, labeling it a fabrication by NASA. This belief stems from their broader distrust of NASA’s missions and announcements. In their view, lunar meteorites found on Earth—like those from Antarctica—could just as easily be passed off as Moon rocks, challenging the authenticity of the lunar samples brought back by astronauts.

While scientists point to the distinct differences between Moon rocks and meteorites, Flat Earthers remain unconvinced, proposing that such evidence could be manufactured or manipulated.

Zetetic Methodology

What you see is truth
Image Credit: Katy Willis.

Flat Earthers’ steadfast beliefs are partly rooted in what’s known as the Zetetic Method. This framework emphasizes direct sensory observation and empirical inquiry over traditional scientific methodologies. According to Michael Wilmore of the Flat Earth Society, this approach is seen by some as a philosophical challenge to conventional science, while others may engage with it more lightheartedly.

The method leads its adherents to conclude that if the Earth appears flat, then it must be flat, dismissing contrary evidence as mere rationalizations within a misguided scientific paradigm. Wilmore and other society members often find themselves at odds with mainstream scientific views, although they do accept certain scientific conclusions like global warming and evolution, which they believe are supported by overwhelming evidence.

Celestial Mechanics According to Flat Earth Theory

Flat earth celestial theory
Image Credit: Katy Willis.

In Flat Earth cosmology, the Sun, Moon, and stars are thought to operate in unique ways. Unlike the traditional view of the solar system, Flat Earthers describe the Sun and Moon as spherical lights moving in a fixed pattern above the flat Earth. They believe these celestial bodies illuminate different areas of the Earth through their orbital paths, creating the cycle of day and night.

The Concept of the Anti-Moon

the anti-moon shadow object
Image Credit: Katy Willis.

One of the more unusual theories within Flat Earth belief is the existence of an “Anti-Moon,” or Shadow Object. This hypothetical body is said to cause lunar and solar eclipses by intersecting the paths of the Sun and Moon.

According to their theory, this object is invisible and orbits near the Sun, making it difficult to detect. This Shadow Object is purported to be relatively small, with an estimated diameter significantly less than that of the Moon or Sun, and an eclipse occurs when the sun, moon, and anti-moon are all aligned.

Earth’s Infinite Plane

Infinite flat earth
Image Credit: Katy Willis.

Some flat earthers believe that the Earth is flat and extends indefinitely in all directions. According to this view, what we think of as outer space might simply be vast, unexplored areas of this infinite plane. This notion challenges the very concept of a finite planet and pushes the boundaries of the conventional map of the world.

The Dome Over the World

the dome over the world
Image Credit: Katy Willis.

A common variant in Flat Earth theory is the belief in a dome-like barrier called the “firmament,” a vast sky dome that encloses the Earth. This is often linked to biblical descriptions and is thought to separate the Earth from the heavens, providing a physical barrier that keeps the atmosphere intact and protects the Earth from the cosmic void.

Sun and Moon as Siblings

sun and moon as siblings
Image Credit: Katy Willis.

In some Flat Earth models, the Sun and Moon are considered to be “siblings” or roughly the same size and are thought to rotate in circles directly above the plane of the Earth. This accounts for their apparent rise and set without requiring the Earth to be spherical or the celestial bodies to be at vast distances from us.

GPS and Satellite Myths

radio towers
Image Credit: Shutterstock.

Many Flat Earthers assert that GPS signals and other forms of global positioning are not facilitated by satellites but by a network of radio towers on the ground. They claim this infrastructure was built to perpetuate the illusion of a globe Earth by simulating satellite paths and trajectories.

The Antarctica Guard Theory

Image Credit: Katy Willis.

Linked to the belief in Antarctica as a giant ice wall, some Flat Earthers claim that international military forces heavily guard this wall to prevent people from discovering the truth—that the Earth extends much farther than the general public is allowed to know.

The Vanishing Point Explanation for Ship Disappearance

Image Credit: Shutterstock.

To explain why ships appear to disappear hull-first over the horizon (a phenomenon often cited as evidence of Earth’s curvature), some Flat Earthers propose the concept of a “vanishing point” within human vision that makes distant objects disappear from the bottom up due to perspective rather than due to actual curvature.

The Atmospheric Magnification Theory

Image Credit: Katy Willis.

Another attempt to explain how the Sun and Moon can appear to rise and set on a flat Earth involves atmospheric refraction and magnification. This theory suggests that atmospheric layers can magnify and curve the paths of light from these celestial bodies, creating the illusion of a curved horizon.

The Moon Is A Projection

moon is a projection
Image Credit: Katy Willis.

Among the varied and vivid beliefs of Flat Earthers is the idea that the moon isn’t a physical celestial body but a projection in the sky. This perspective is part of a broader skepticism regarding many astronomical phenomena accepted by mainstream science.

Gravity Is An Illusion

Image Credit: Shutterstock.

Flat Earthers challenge the very existence of gravity, proposing instead that the disc of Earth is ascending at a constant acceleration due to an enigmatic force they refer to as dark energy. They debate the compatibility of this theory with Einstein’s theory of relativity, especially whether the disc can accelerate indefinitely without breaking the speed of light limit—an intriguing notion that blends classic and revolutionary physics.

What Lies Beneath

flat earth theory
Image Credit: Katy Willis.

What lies beneath the flat Earth disc remains a subject of speculation with most believers suggesting a simple, rocky substrate. This contrasts sharply with the complex inner structure proposed by conventional science, adding to the Flat Earth narrative’s allure by its simplicity.

Denying Outer Space

flat earth
Image Credit: Katy Willis.

A common thread in Flat Earth belief is the outright denial of outer space’s existence. Instead, they envision the Earth’s disc as the entirety of “space,” challenging the very foundation of cosmology and astrophysics.

The Flat Earth Society Controversy

flat earth society
Image Credit: Katy Willis.

The Flat Earth Society, with its historical roots and fluctuating membership numbers, is viewed with suspicion by some newer adherents. Critics within the movement suspect it might be a governmental ploy to undermine the credibility of Flat Earth theories—a claim the society vehemently denies.

All Spherical Earth Evidence Is A Hoax

Image Credit: Shutterstock.

Lastly, the persistent claim that all evidence supporting a spherical Earth—such as photographs from space—is fabricated, remains central to Flat Earth thought. This group uses these alleged hoaxes to argue against established scientific understandings, proposing instead their own unique interpretations of physics and celestial mechanics to justify their worldview.

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