10 Highest-Scoring Playable Scrabble Words

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People playing Scrabble trying to get high scores
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Scrabble enthusiasts constantly search for high-scoring words to gain an edge in competitions. These words, a mix of common language and lesser-known dictionary entries, are key to transforming an ordinary play into a game-winning strategy.

The highest-scoring words in Scrabble are characterized by their use of high-value letters like Q and Z, each worth 10 points, and strategic board placement that maximizes points through bonus squares and bingos.

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Criteria for High-Scoring Words

When you’re aiming to get the highest score possible, every word you play is important. Here are specific factors that make a word score high in Scrabble:

  1. Letter Value: Each letter carries a specific point value, with some letters like Q and Z having the highest individual scores at 10 points each.
  2. Word Length: Generally, longer words have the potential to score more points due to the sum of individual letter values and the increased likelihood of hitting score multipliers on the board.
  3. Bonus Squares: Strategic placement on Double Word (DW), Triple Word (TW), Double Letter (DL), and Triple Letter (TL) bonus squares can significantly increase a word’s score.
  4. Bingos: Using all seven tiles in one’s rack on a single turn, known as a “Bingo,” yields an additional 50 points.
  5. Crossword-Style Play: Forming multiple words by adding onto existing ones or creating intersecting words can amass more points.

These are a few of the high-scoring letters in Scrabble:


Carefully consider all the factors when selecting your words to achieve the highest possible score. While drawing tiles involves an element of luck, using them effectively requires skill.

Top 10 Playable Scrabble Words

These 10 words are not only playable but also can yield impressive scores when played strategically on the board.

Word 1

Oxyphenbutazone – A compound used as an anti-inflammatory medication, it could potentially score up to 1775 points if played across three triple word score squares with high-value letters on double letter scores.

Word 2

Quizzify – The act of making something into a quiz; playing this word can score highly, particularly due to the value of ‘Q’ and ‘Z.’

Word 3

Quixotry – Derived from the character Don Quixote, it is worth a sizable score mainly because of the high point value of ‘Q’ and ‘X.’

Word 4

Oxazepam – An anti-anxiety drug that could score highly if the ‘Z’ lands on a double-letter score, and the word hits multiple triple-word score spaces.

Word 5

Zequin – A potential play that is valuable due to the inclusion of the letter ‘Q’ and its high-scoring possibility.

Word 6

Zymurgy – The study of fermentation, an excellent high-scoring word as ‘Z’ and ‘Y’ are worth 10 and 4 points respectively.

Word 7

Syzygy – The alignment of three celestial bodies, a rare but high-scoring opportunity due to its unusual composition of letters.

Word 8

Quixotic – Meaning exceedingly idealistic, it garners a high score because ‘Q’ and ‘X’ are among the highest-valued tiles.

Word 9

Za – A slang term for pizza, it’s a quick way to get 11 points with just two letters if ‘Z’ is placed on a double-letter score.

Word 10

Qi – A vital force that is a part of any living entity, ‘Qi’ can score 11 points and is often used because of its convenience and short length.

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